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Our Fight

Lynchburg City Schools' administration and school board's decisions have lacked care, planning, and equity. We are calling for them to overturn their decision to close Sandusky Elementary and T. C. Miller School of Innovation, and are for fighting justice and educational equity.

About Us

Save our Schools Lynchburg is a grassroots organization dedicated to educational equity and justice for all students, no matter their background or zip code.

How We Got Here

Learn about the process, timeline, and analysis that led the school board to voting to close T. C. Miller School of Innovation and Sandusky Elementary Schools.

Our Focuses

Educational Equity and Opportunities for All Children

Education Best Practices

Fiscally Responsible Solutions

Magnet Schools

Educational Equity

Community Engagement

Student Well-Being and Stability

Help Save Lynchburg's Public Schools

Join us in the movement to save public education in Lynchburg. Keep in touch with us, learn more, and be on the look out for information on how to help. We will send a biweekly newsletter and notices of important meetings and events. 

Thank you for joining us!

Lynchburg has an extensive integration history

Explore the legacy of integration, the influence of the Civil Rights Movement, the role of local leaders, and how we can continue coming together to combat remaining remnants of racism, bias, and discrimination


This decision is riddled with misunderstandings, a lack of analysis, misinterpreted data, and minimal transparency. We have many critiques.

Join Us

Join us by signing our petition, helping us email the city council and the school board, following our social media pages, and showing up at the school board and city council meetings.

Recent Updates

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