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Save our Schools

Families, students, and teachers in T. C. Miller auditorium.
Sandusky Elementary School choir.
Men greeting students as they walk into T. C. Miller on the first day of school.

Our Mission

Save Our Schools Lynchburg is a grassroots organization dedicated to fighting for the educational rights of all children in Lynchburg. We believe that every child deserves a quality education, regardless of their background or zip code. We are committed to holding our city officials and administrators accountable for their decisions and to eradicating educational injustices through community action.

Together, we are fighting for all the kids in the city. We value education and understand public schools are vital to the community. We are teachers, professors, nurses, engineers, directors, marketing specialists, not-for-profit leaders, PhDs, and most importantly a family all advocating for what is best for students.

Save our Schools Lynchburg is a grassroots organization built out of necessity. 


We were told to not bring emotions. We brought data, research, and questions. Then, they said they needed solutions to cover the deficit, we also provided them with that. Time after time, leaders have ignored us. We are fighting not only for our children, but all students in Lynchburg and we will not stop.

On August 29th, Lynchburg's school board made a proposal to close T. C. Miller and Dearington Schools of Innovation. This concerned parents, students, teachers, and community members. Slowly, we began to organize, to write emails, to speak at school board meetings, and to talk with leaders, and, largely, we were ignored. 

This is a quote from the Sandusky principal, Mr. Womack, at the October 3rd school board meeting

This is a quote from the Sandusky principal, Mr. Womack, at the October 3rd school board meeting

We started organizing because of the decision to close two schools, but this is not just about two schools. This is about equitable education throughout the city. Lynchburg City Schools has a history of inequities. Racism and biases are built into the structure the district operates on. We are calling for accountability and structural changes, not surface level statements. 

What We're Doing

Organizing email and speaking campaigns. 

We have continued to put pressure on officials and express our opposition to the decision to close T. C. Miller through community email campaigns and organizing speakers for meetings.

Our Demands

  • Reversal of the school closure decision and the development of an equitable plan for all schools.

  • Ensuring all schools receive the same quality education and resources.

  • Implementing a plan to attract more teachers of color. Including additional funding and professional development.

  • Implementing research and school proven methods to address the achievement gap.

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion across all schools.

  • Investing in marginalized schools with vulnerable students, including the hiring of an experienced diversity, equity, and inclusion director for the district.

  • Changing the name of Paul Munro Elementary School, which currently honors a segregationist superintendent who opposed integration.

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