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Press Release: Save Our Schools Criticizes School Board's Disregard, Disrespect, and Lack of Accountability

Save Our Schools Lynchburg is issuing a strong condemnation of the recent actions and statements made by the Lynchburg School Board and administration during the recent school board meeting. The meeting, marked by a series of concerning statements and a lack of accountability, has left our community deeply troubled and disillusioned.

During the meeting, Dr. Day and other board members casually dismissed concerns about the proposed closure of T. C. Miller and Sandusky Elementary Schools as a "scare tactic” to get more money.  However, he then states: “There is no proposal to close T.C.Miller early. It is simply a suggestion. It is just if the city says no to giving us all of the money we requested. If the city insists on a lack of funding then we have a gap to fill. We are making a point and making people realize what we might have to do."

We've heard this before, and look where we are now. If they were trying to use a scare tactic they would discuss the amount of teaching positions they will have to cut. This additional budget cut is their plan.

Furthermore, Save Our Schools Lynchburg condemns the administration's lack of transparency and preparation regarding the proposed rezoning plan. Superintendent Edwards and Deputy Superintendent Wodika's failure to adequately address the true concerns (i.e. the impact of close-to-home rezoning) about the proposed plan, coupled with the delayed release of a draft plan, demonstrates a lack of effort and accountability.

Save Our Schools Lynchburg demands immediate action from the Lynchburg School Board and administration:

Transparency: Let the parents, teachers, and students know what is going on. Stop adding items to documents, emails, or comments without any communication.

Accountability: Take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions and work with community members to save schools and the quality of education in Lynchburg.

Equity: Prioritize the educational needs of all students, particularly marginalized and at-risk populations, in decision-making processes. There is no possible way that close-to-home rezoning coupled with closing Sandusky and T.C. Miller won’t disproportionately impact marginalized students.

Our community will not stand idly by while our children's futures are put at risk by inadequate leadership and decision-making. We call on the Lynchburg School Board and administration to uphold their responsibilities and work collaboratively with the community to ensure a fair and equitable education system for all.

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