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Write and Speak

Students from T. C. Miller at Lynchburg School Board meeting
Save T. C. Miller posters
Students from T. C. Miller advocating to keep their school open.
Students making save T. C. Miller posters.
Students making advocacy posters.
2023 Lynchburg City Schools' School Board members

2023 Lynchburg City Schools' School Board members

This fight is not over, we are not stopping. We need to continue to put pressure on the school board and city council to show them this is not over. 

As a reminder, we believe that every child deserves a quality education, regardless of their background or zip code. We are committed to holding our city officials and administrators accountable for their decisions and to eradicating educational injustices through community action.

When you write to or speak at city council or the school board, remember the 'Research' page, Lynchburg's history and continued inequities, and our proposed solutions. Remind them there are options and it is possible to create a hybrid preschool and k-5 classes in T. C. Miller, that there are affordable ways to rebuild Sandusky, and that the community wants to invest in education.

2023 City Council members

School Board

City Council

2023 City Council members

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