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T. C. Miller 

Student, as Fiona, singing in the musical
Student drawing of an eagle
T. C. Miller STEP corp
Drawing of a colorful lion by a fourth grade student
Students together after finishing the musical at T. C. Miller
Drawing of an elephant by third grade student at T. C. Miller

T. C. Miller School of Innovation was built in 1932. It was renovated and reopened in 1993 as the division's first magnet school.


The School of Innovation was created to diversify the student body and provide more resources to predominantly Black and low-income community. T. C. Miller draws a percentage of its students from the surrounding neighborhood, and the rest are selected from voluntary lottery applications. This lottery system makes T. C. Miller one of the most diverse elementary schools and is the most representative of Lynchburg City’s demographics.

T. C. Miller offers a Theater program, Regular performances, STREAM, Set design, Advanced Art, Tech Club, Library Student Workers, Drum Circle, STEP, Show Choir, Flag Corp, etc. It has a cross-curriculum focus to improve creativity and critical thinking. Establishing programs into curriculum, school culture, and student expectations is a long-term process that is in year 30 at TCM.

Theater Dreams Coming Alive.


Students "found a love of music and theater at T. C. Miller. [They're] now in high school and in their first show at E. C. Glass. At Dunbar, [they were] in every show. Theatre has been an outlet for [them] to share her creativity and develop deep friendships with others who love the same thing as [they] do."

The 3rd through 5th grade musical  at T. C. Miller School of Innovation

The 3rd through 5th grade musical 

"T.C. Miller is a school like no other. I couldn’t imagine going to another school and becoming the person I am today. The teachers encouraged my creativity, and I learned how to be more social and confident. T.C. Miller is not an ordinary school, but it’s a school of creators and innovators." - Max Cole

Finding Brilliance in Art

Our students are able to express their creativity through art. This isn't just in their art class, but throughout their experiences in every class. The teachers cultivate their talents, and our students' artwork has been showcased at the Fine Arts Academy, in the administration office, and in different competitions.

Artwork designed by our advanced art students, in their classes, and art resource
Artwork designed by our advanced art students, in their classes, and art resource
Artwork designed by our advanced art students, in their classes, and art resource

Artwork designed by our advanced art students, in their classes, and art resource

A village of love

We are a community that takes care of each other. Kelly Probesting, a T. C. Miller parent, shares how the community has helped her.


"They say it takes a village to raise a child. My oldest had a tough time making transitions to new things and it took her several weeks to adjust to being at school all day when she started kindergarten. During those first few weeks, I quickly realized that I had finally found my village. This is the beginning of our 8th year being a TCM family and I still consider it my village. There have been times I’ve been brought to tears by how grateful I am to know my kids are safe and being loved on by the amazing staff at TCM."

"Every teacher, and staff member in that building from the principal to the lunch staff and the custodians pours something into those students that can not be matched here in our city." – Ms. K Brown

Teacher and students at recess

Teacher and students at recess

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