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Possible Solutions

Student painting of a butterfly
Student building a bridge our of Legos
Student drawing
Fourth graders learning about momentum and energy

Since the school board decided to close schools because of a 7.2 million deficit, as a community, we have researched and proposed various solutions to decrease LCS's deficit, increase enrollment, and build community. These solutions could potentially save the city between 6.4 and 10.6 million a year, while keeping schools open.

Solar and PPAs

  • Potential Savings: $3,000,000-$6,000,000

  • Solar energy is a viable renewable energy source with significant cost-saving potential.

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) allow private sector partners to cover the upfront costs, costing the city and school district nothing, making solar adoption feasible for the school district.

  • These are not the solar grants that LCS has already applied for

Enrollment Campaign

Solar development at a school

Solar development at a school

Cutting Administration Costs

  • ​Potential Savings: $1,746,931-$2,810,054

  • Rising administrative costs in Lynchburg City Schools require a reevaluation to optimize resource allocation while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

  • Since 2018, administration costs have increased 1.8%, now at 8.6% of the fiscal budget.

  • For school districts our size the recommended percent of the fiscal budget is 5.5%.

  • These cost saving estimations are based on reducing the administration to 6% of the budget and 7% of the budget.

Enrollment Campaign

In comparison to the private schools in the area, LCS has failed to properly advertise its programs. They should be actively advertising in print publications, on social media, through digital content, and open houses at local private and public preschools.

Expanded Pre-K

Having preschools in multiple schools where they are zoned will improve continuity and increase enrollment potential.

Public Transit Passes

  • ​Potential Savings: $1,673,940-$1,795,240

  • Public transit passes for high school students can alleviate transportation challenges and reduce costs in Lynchburg City Schools.

  • GLTC already offers a $25 summer pass for students, 3 months total.

  • These cost savings are based on the district negotiating year-long passes at a fixed-rate cost between $100-$150.

  • These savings can be further increased if costs are shared with GLTC.

Lynchburg bus system

Lynchburg bus system

Full Proposal

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